Winemaking Philosophy

At EIEIO & Company we make the best possible wine we can without compromise.  To date, this is a one+ man operation, proprietor/winemaker Jay McDonald and one or two harvest interns.  We utilize the highest quality materials and best possible vineyards (the "& Company" of this operation) in attempts to make the best and most interesting wines possible. By sourcing fruit from the various Willamette Valley AVAs and varying altitudes, soil profiles and microclimates, we can create wines (both single vineyard and blends) with greater character, complexity and balance.

To accomplish this we employ meticulous, minimal winemaking which requires significantly more time and attention to detail than "non-interventionist" would suggest.  Every tank, every barrel, is tended to by hand, every detail taken into account.  There certainly are easier ways to make wine, but you won't find any shortcuts or cut corners here at EIEIO.


The Estate