In early 1995, Jay McDonald purchased then converted the historic bank building in downtown Carlton, Oregon into the Tasting Room in Carlton.  The Tasting Room was one of the first venues for consumers to taste the best wines from the then emerging Willamette Valley.  That fall, one of the wineries being represented at The Tasting Room asked if Jay would be interested in working harvest and potentially creating his own label.  The result was the one vintage, tongue and cheek, Bourgeois label.  In 1997, Jay partnered with a winery producing a new label called Herschel, his middle name.  This austere bottling was his style, but was not well received by the general public as tastes were still California-style driven (big fruit and high alcohol).  Jay was ahead of his time as future tastings of this bottling would prove that Herschel was a wine made for ageing, not immediate consumption.  Over the course of the next five years Jay continued to pursue harvest and bottling opportunities presented by various wineries, creating EIEIO & Company in 1998.  Jay McDonald being "EIEIO" and the "& Company" being the wineries and vineyards that were supplying Jay with wine and fruit.  These previous négociant relationships allowed Jay to experiment with various styles and determine HIS style for the EIEIO brand going forward.  In 2003 EIEIO & Company transitioned from négociant to a fully bonded winery with Jay McDonald now responsible for all aspects of winemaking.

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